What is integral theory?


There are several prominent philosophies across the globe. Integral theory combines them to provide a framework for development that can be personalised for each individual. Think of it as your own personal map that provides a path to guide you around the obstacles in your life and lead you on a journey of personal growth and development. Everyone’s journey is different. But along the way you can expect to improve your leadership skills, your personal relationships and your health and wellbeing. 


See the world in new dimensions

Your worldview is unique and has contributed to your success. But each person’s view of the world is deep-rooted. Sometimes it can be incompatible with the problems we face, the relationships we want to have and the things we want to achieve. 

Integral theory allows you to see the world from fresh perspectives. To tackle your challenges from different angles and better understand your own and other people’s behaviours. To think more flexibly and expansively about life, love and your perception of success. 

What is vertical development and why is it important?

When it comes to integral theory, you will hear a lot about vertical development. What does it mean? Think of it this way: horizontal development is to do with learning new things and enhancing your knowledge within your existing perspective. Vertical development is about finding new ways to see, think and feel - increasing your wisdom. It is about increasing the sophistication of your system and changes the way in which you see and experience things and the way others experience you. Vertical development is the way to transform your human operating system. Enhancing our vertical development enhances our very existence.